Gold Standard Bypass Surgery:
Is it for All?

Heart Bypass Surgery, The name itself is enough to evoke a sense of anxiety and at times fear in the mind of people. The stigma and apprehension associated with Open Heart Surgery is a tough nut to crack. For the one, who has to undergo this procedure, it is like biting a bullet. Near and dear ones start remembering the Almighty more so than before.

Internet has opened the world for every eye and information is no longer confined to the books and selected few. Patients are taking this opportunity to enlighten themselves with all the possible outcomes, risks and complications associated with this procedure thanks to ‘Google’. They now demand the so called ‘Gold Standard’ Operation for better outcomes. This ‘Gold Standard’ surgery comprises of using arteries (LIMA-RIMA) from the chest wall for performing the bypass surgery on a beating (Pumping) heart without disturbing the Aorta. It claims its superiority over the conventional bypass procedure (the one which uses the veins from legs) in terms of fewer complications and better long term results.

But the pertinent question is whether it can be safely done in majority of the cases? In my professional opinion, a BIG YES. This so called LIMA-RIMA Y  Bypass Surgery has stood the test of time and proven its superiority in various trials conducted in comparison to the conventional Bypass procedure. It is an open secret that Saphenous veins used during bypass surgery develop atherosclerosis over a period of time whereas the LIMA and RIMA are nearly resistant to atherosclerotic disease process even years after surgery. Though veins may become a conduit of choice during emergency procedures, using Internal Mammary Arteries should be the conduit of choice in elective cases. This is what makes all the difference more so in diabetics and high risk individuals. The patients return home earlier, do not have to worry about nursing a leg wound and post operative pain is minimal. The patient satisfaction is far superior and failure or redo surgery in the future becomes a next to nil thing. Though some studies claim a higher incidence of sternal infection and non healing, if performed meticulously, the incidence rivals any other cardiac surgery procedure. Indeed, ‘LIMA-RIMA Y’ is here to stay and add many more fruitful years to patients’ lives. We, as a team always strive to make that difference. Patients are not only going home early through the quality of care offered but also leading a productive meaningful life.

About the Doctor:

Dr. Manish Garg is an internationally acclaimed heart surgeon, and a Cardio Thoracic &Vascular Surgery (CTVS) specialist from Mumbai. He graduated MBBS from esteemed Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai, MS (General Surgery) from B.J. Medical College & Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune and M Ch (CTVS) from TN Medical College & BYL Nair Ch Hospital, Mumbai. Soon after, he secured the National Board Exams to achieve the DNB degree as well.

Dr. Garg gained valuable international experience by working as a Cardio Thoracic Surgical Transplant Fellow (Heart/Lung/VAD) at Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (MAHI), Edmonton, AB, Canada, and then as Cardio Thoracic Fellow/Registrar at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Manish Garg has a lot of national and international Publications and presentations to his credit and has received may accolades for the same. Having performed more than 1000 Open heart Surgeries successfully, his main areas of speciality include the latest Beating Heart (off Pump) Bypass Surgery, Total Arterial Bypass Surgery, Valve replacement Surgery, Redo Heart Surgery and Heart Transplantation.

He is currently working as a Visiting Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Global Hospital, Thunga Hospitals, BSES hospital, KJ Somaiya hospital and SS Hospital, Thane.

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